How to solve "Redownload Unavaible" on the App Store

This error is leading many iOS users lately, and that is the "unavaible Redownload" prevents us from downloading applications that we had previously returned. As many of you will know, we can request the reimbursement of an application to Apple if it does not fulfill the purposes indicated in its promotion, or if it simply does not perform the functions as we wish it to. However, it seems that Apple leaves this circumstance stored on the server and it is impossible to download again (paying again) an application that we had previously returned. However, this problem has a solution, we tell you in iPhone News.

Interestingly, when you intend to buy an application that you have previously returned, a message appears that does not allow you to download this application, indicating that it has been recently returned to our request for requesting a refund, and that the purchase has been canceled or refunded the money. But, often the human being is like that, and we decided to buy something that we previously returned, because maybe it was not so bad, or we have thought better. Apple makes it a bit difficult, but the steps to follow to download applications that we have previously returned must follow the steps below.

  1. We enter the iPhone Settings
  2. We go to “iTunes and App Store”
  3. Click on our Apple ID and disconnect
  4. We open the App Store and try again to buy the application

Once we try to buy the application again, it will ask us to re-enter our Apple ID, that is the time to re-enter it. That easy will allow us to buy back applications that we had previously returned, because only the human being stumbles twice with the same stone. If you had any problem with the tutorial, do not hesitate to raise it in the comment box.

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