How to use the "Remote Use" of PlayStation 4 on Mac

As we warned yesterday, the option of Remote Play (or remote use) of the PlayStation 4 would be available for both Mac OS and PC soon, the update 3.50 of the firmware of the Sony console would be the culprit for it to reach the Immense majority of PC users this fantastic function with which we can simply start playing our PlayStation 4 from our computer, a fantastic idea for those who have for example an iMac 5K, especially when we are not available the TV in which the PlayStation is placed. It will save us more than one discussion with the occupant of the room at that time, and above all, it will allow us to play with a fairly decent quality and stability. We explain step by step how to use the Remote Use of your PlayStation 4 on Mac OS.

As we have already said, you just have to update your PlayStation 4 to firmware 3.50 and it will automatically work This application that Sony has launched to make both PCs and Macs compatible with remote use, allowing us to get the most out of our PlayStation wherever we are, that yes, the connection must be decent and stable, any type of connection will not be worth to be able to stream and receive it, so, therefore, to use the remote use of the PlayStation on the PC we will need a good connection.

Prerequisites for Remote Use of the PlayStation 4

First of all we are going to make sure that our PC or Mac OS meets the requirements, these are the operating systems that Sony's application is compatible with.

  • windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

So, if you're interested, venture to update your device, really almost any device that works with Windows 8 will be compatible with Windows 10. In the case of the Mac, it is perhaps a little more complicated, but go ahead. Now we will go to the website that Sony has enabled to download the Remote Play application compatible with Windows and Mac, we proceed to download the client that occupies quite a bit of space on the hard disk, so we should not worry at all.

Now we just have to make sure that our DualShock 4 controllers have a battery and have a micro-USB cable nearby, since we will connect the remote control to the PC via cable.

Activate Remote Use on our PlayStation 4

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<h2 id=This is how PlayStation 4 Remote Use works

We will start the application for the first time and it will first ask us to connect the DualShock to the Mac through the cable, obey and connect it. Once connected, we will “start” and ask us about our PlayStation Network account.

Remember that it is advisable, before the first start, to turn on the console and leave it located in the menus, with Remote Use activated as explained above and in the corresponding user with the PlayStation Network account that we are going to introduce.

So we enter our PlayStation Network username and password and it will start a search of the console within our local network. If we see that it takes too long, with another command or disconnecting the Mac that we have connected, we go to the PlayStation 4 settings menu, we go to "activate Remote Use" so the console will give us a code that entering it in the Mac client (Below is a button that says “activate via code”) when requested, we will configure the connection quickly.

Once finished, our PlayStation 4 screen will appear on our Mac. In addition, a positive point of this is that thanks to Remote Use we can wake up the PlayStation 4, that is, whenever we have it in idle mode we can start it directly from the Mac

Connection quality

You can select from the following FPS resolution and speed options, depending on the bandwidth of your connection.

  • Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p (default: 540p)
  • Frame rate: Standard (30fps), High (60fps) (default: Standard)

However, we only find an option button for now in Windows 10, in Mac OS we have not yet figured out how to increase the resolution to 720p.

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