iOS 12 is in 90% of the devices launched in the last 4 years

For Apple, the iOS adoption rate is always a reason to breastfeed. On August 6, Apple disclosed what may well be the latest update in the iOS 12 adoption rate between your devices According to the data given on the developers website, iOS 12 is found in 90% of the devices launched in the last 4 years (iPhone and iPad) and in 88% of the total devices.

Adoption of iOS 12: faster than previous versions

Since a time ago, Apple divides the adoption rate iOS in two metrics. The first one takes into account what version of iOS the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models launched in the last 4 years have. The second groups all devices without limitation of "age." In both cases, the devices are counted according to their operating system when accessing the App Store.

As both graphics show, iOS 12 adoption measured on August 6, 2019 is 88-90%. If we look back, we will see that it has a higher adoption rate than previous versions of iOS. At least, if we compare it with iOS 11, where its adoption reached a maximum of 85% on September 5, 2018.

The closest rate to beat is that of iOS 10. This version of Apple's mobile operating system reached 89% dated September 11, 2017. In both cases, a month of time is being counted as well as all of the devices and not only those released in the last 4 years.

Remains to be seen what adoption figure iOS 12 throws next month. What is clear is that it is on the way to overcome that of iOS 10 and you became the most popular among users. Of course, his focus on improving the performance of older devices such as the iPhone 5s helped many people to do so faster.

Why fast iOS adoption is important

The interest in having a user base with the latest version of iOS possible is threefold. On the part of the user, it is an indicator of their interest in having the most recent features and improvements. If they are perceived as useful and attractive, they will be more likely to have the last. This is the case of iOS 12 and its performance improvement on older devices.

As added, having an updated device protects the user from security problems and errors. Some of them quite serious but that Apple corrects quickly. Therefore, from Applesfera we always recommend update to the latest version as soon as possible.

Having a user base in the latest version of iOS benefits the user, the developer and Apple itself

Second, we have the developers. Having limited resources, they must decide which user base to go to. Ideally, support all versions of iOS to reach the maximum possible number of users, but that means a cost that does not always compensate. And sometimes, the latest iOS versions incorporate APIs that do not have the previous ones and therefore cannot be offered. Having the vast majority of users under the same version of iOS saves them work and maximizes their total addressable market (total potential customers).

And finally, we have Apple. In addition to the above reasons, the company is also interested in having its devices have the highest possible iOS adoption. It keeps the ecosystem going and accelerates the speed at which improvements can be made. But it also allows deploy your new services quickly. Apple Arcade and Apple TV + will arrive this autumn to all compatible devices, increasing their potential audience and business opportunities.

As we see, the adoption rate of iOS 12 is very important for everyone involved. Apple is responsible for giving prominence in each WWDC to show muscle against its main competitor, Android, whose adoption rate is significantly lower. Of course, it is an achievement that the fragmentation of iOS is so small.

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