MSQRD offers you dozens of animated filters for your iPhone

Outside the United States, the Snapchat boom is not such, but its influence is noticeable in many applications, and probably one of the most popular of the moment is MSQRD by Masquerade, since it is taking the top positions of the rankings for a few days thanks to the breath of fresh air that it brings, especially for all those who do not know the functionality of Snapchat filters.


The first thing that surprises us when starting to use MSQRD is the large number of filters available for free, something that is also complemented by a message in which they inform us that they will continue adding new filters and the possibility of receiving notification of that fact. We started well therefore, since the grace of this application is to have a great variety to surprise our friends and acquaintances.

We can find all kinds of filters in it, and although it is true that many of them will remind us of some already existing on Snapchat for a long time (the one that simulates a crying, that of aging …), the truth is that there is also a respectable amount of original filters that are interesting even to complement those that the ghost application offers. In addition, as we have already mentioned, Masquerade's intention is to continue working hard to add new filters frequently, although we would like to know (and we have not been able to find out) if future plans go through offering payment filters in the application, Something nothing disposable.

And quality

We have seen a lot of filter applications pass through the Store, but most of them had a malfunction, or at best simply complicated. MSQRD It bases its success on precise but simple operation, it just auto-senses our face and applies the filter without the need to make adjustments or touch the screen, as Steve would say, It just works.

It is therefore an application really convenient to use, But more important than that, it's very fast. Thank you for not wasting our time on useless adjustments. In addition the design of the application is careful and is quite successful, something that must be valued.

I hope this great boot that has had the application is endorsed in time with new filters and more possibilities, that will mean that we will be facing a reference application in terms of creating selfies and small funny clips.

Our assessment

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MSQRD – Live filters and face exchange

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