OLED screens will reach the iPhone in 2018

The future of iPhone screens takes a long time in question. Navigating among those who claim that the investments in the LCD have a correct course and others who want Apple to begin to look forward to OLED applications. The latest information comes from Nikkei, a Japanese information portal that ensures that Apple plans to introduce OLED screens on its iOS devices for 2018, with what would be practically the iPhone 10 ?. What is clear is that only Apple knows for sure what type of panels they want to use on their devices, and so far they seem quite happy with LCD screens, for reasons we do not know.

According to the information portal mentioned above, the one chosen to provide OLED screens does not appear to have been Samsung as rumored, but LG Display. Confusing information, since today only Samsung offers proven quality OLED panels, LG only has a few OLED panels of televisions, so it might be too risky to trust LG for the production of iPhone screens. However, it is clear that Apple wants to distance itself more and more in terms of iPhone production, the example is the attribution of all SoC of iOS devices to TSMC.

The report you publish Nikkei warns that the difficulty of manufacturing OLED panels, together with the high volume of demand that each iPhone device has year after year, is the main reason why Apple continues to rely on LCD technology that has been providing such good results. OLED is not comfortably superior to LCDIn fact, each type of panel has its advantages and disadvantages, the fact that there are no major differences is the main reason why Apple continues to use LCD, although Apple Watch for example does use an OLED panel.

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