Olloclip Studio is the new company for your iPhone

If there is a company that we know well enough to succeed in the market of photography accessories for iPhone, is Olloclip. Their lenses have undergone a great popularization in recent times, to the point of being sold directly in Apple Stores around the world. Endorsed by the quality of the materials and obtaining the recognition of numerous professional photographers, Olloclip has established itself as the best option to give a different touch to our images and recordings.

This time they wanted to go further with the new campaign they just started on Kickstarter, announcing a series of tools that will allow us professionalize image taking as the video capture in our daily activities. This moves away a little from what we had seen to date, but its approach remains the same: that our photos and videos have a quality that makes a difference.

The idea is simple: a housing to which multiple accessories can be added. A focus, a microphone, a grip to better grip the iPhone -and that the selfies don't leave us moved, a tripod… All this with the clear objective of adjusting to our need at all times, being able to arrange these with total freedom around the housing.

We can see the complete information about this project on its page on Kickstarter. If we want to contribute to its success, we have the option to contribute and receive our unit starting at $ 35 -so we will receive the most basic model- up to $ 2,500, prize that comes with travel included.

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