Samsung imagines a future smartphone with removable side screen to double its size

Right now Samsung is facing a series of problems to be able to launch what is its first folding device, known as Galaxy Fold, which after some design failures had to postpone its launch.

Now, thanks to a patent discovered by the Let's Go Digital guys, we learned about a new design proposal that raises the idea of ​​having a smartphone that transforms into a tablet, but using an interesting removable side screen mechanism.

The patent, filed by Samsung at the end of 2018 in the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), was approved in May of this 2019 and granted to the company last June, when it was made public.

Unfortunately, it is about a design patent, so it does not specify technical details of a future smartphone or a description of how this new mechanism will be used, but it does give us an idea of ​​what Samsung is shuffling for the future of its devices.

It looks more practical than the folding screen, although less spectacular

The patent shows 14 sketches and its objective is to protect the idea of ​​Samsung, which shows us a smartphone of bar format whose special feature will be the be able to double its size. It will have a mechanism that will allow you to save part of the panel either underneath or rolled up, this part is not specified in the document.

This hidden part of the screen will be deployed by means of a ral-based mechanism, which will allow pull the screen on the right side to extend it. The patent shows that the deployed part will also have a kind of framework that will protect it and keep it fixed in its position and format.

An interesting detail is that it is seen that the screen maintains a central hole for the cameras and it does not move, so this part will remain fixed at all times, while the remaining part of the panel is the one that will be hidden and extended through the mechanism with rails.

Although not specified in the patent, Lets's Go Digital is committed to a triple camera configuration in the rear, whose module will be located in the upper right, thus leaving room for the screen mechanism. Let's Go Digital also mentions that This patent could be for the next Samsung Galaxy S11, but the patent makes no reference to this.

Remember that we have a patent and therefore nothing guarantees us that we will see it come true in the future, so you have to take all this information with reservations. However, it serves as an interesting sample of innovation that Samsung is posing for a future device, and that the truth does not look very far-fetched.

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