SEGA does not fail the appointment and launches Football Manager Mobile 2016

SEGA has a reef every year with each new version of the famous Football Manager simulator, and it is probably one of the saga of video games that counts with more loyal followers since many years. And as is obvious, in the iPhone (one of SEGA's big markets in recent times) we don't miss its version for smart mobile terminals.

More of everything

This new version of Football Manager allows us to take control football club between 14 different countries, and this of course includes the best leagues in the old continent. As you know, you become a manager in the purest English style, which means that all kinds of sports decisions are made but also at the business level.

At a technical level, the implementation of tactics has been improved, with advanced settings as personalized pass zones in which to have more incidence, the possibility of choosing key players to attack or the management of the ball's exit by the goalkeeper. Likewise, training and all its administration have been improved, which is now carried out through gold, silver and bronze medals.

Lights and shadows

With all versions of Football Manager that are not computer, there is always a bit of a feeling that they fall too short, But taking into account the limitations imposed by such a terminal, the game is not bad in terms of extension and possibilities. It is clear that it is not ideal for those looking for the PC / Mac experience, but it is enough to keep an entertaining game.

On the negative side it should be mentioned that the game presents a major instability. It is not uncommon to be playing and that there is a blockage in it with the corresponding closure of the application, something that obviously feels very bad and that can cause us to lose some progress in the game. It is hoped that SEGA will solve it with subsequent updates, but it seems that it is becoming a market trend to take out games with bugs and that users are beta testers.

As for the price, we have it more or less in the range that could be expected. By € 8.99 You have it available, but be careful, if you want to complete the game (such as adding the possibility of being a coach) you have to go through the box again as it has purchases within the app.

Our assessment

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Football Manager Mobile 2016

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