Siri Bug allows access to photos and contacts without password

As we always say, the perfect operating system does not exist. A security flaw has been discovered that affects the latest iPhone models, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The problem, discovered by José Rodríguez, only affects some devices and allows access our contacts and photos without having to enter our security code or our fingerprint. The good thing is that we can avoid this problem. The bad thing is that, as always, if we avoid it, we will reduce the user experience.

The fault can be exploited invoking Siri, either by long pressing the start button or with the command "Hey, Siri", and asking you to do a search on Twitter. If the results contain contact information that we can interact with, such as an email address, a 3D Touch gesture can be used to launch a context menu with options to send an email and add or modify contact information. From the shortcuts of the 3D Touch, tapping on “Add to existing contact” will open our contact list, which can allow access to the photos if so configured.

In order for this bug to explode, we have to allow Siri to access our Twitter account, Photo reel or related applications, which would allow him perform searches and show results via Siri. As you can see in the video, to make it work we must also do a previous step: write a tweet with an email (it can be false and even from a server that does not exist, such as so that we can use the 3D gesture Touch

How to fix Siri's new bug

As the saying goes, "the dog died, the rage is over." I do not like the idea and in fact I will not do it, but if we restrict Siri from the lock screen we will not suffer this or many other problems that have appeared, most of them that allow you to do a ByPass using Siri. But there are also other solutions:

  • Disable Siri access to Twitter. We can disable it from Settings / Twitter and deactivating Siri.
  • Disable Siri access to photos from Settings / Privacy / Photos and restricting access.

The normal thing, and in fact is what usually happens, is that as soon as you ask Siri to do this type of searches, answer us “First you have to unlock the iPhone” and do not take another step if we do not identify. But sometimes, this security measure fails and our data is exposed. Now we have to decide whether to enjoy all the functions of the iPhone 6s or diminish our experience when using it. In any case, this is most likely be fixed in a future update.

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