Taylor Swift triples Drake's success thanks to his announcement

Sometimes not everything goes as expected, there are many occasions when there is a priori a protagonist, however, there are many human beings who prefer the details to the general essence. That has happened in the last announcement of Apple in which we see Taylor Swift preparing to go out to do some of the so famous "running" that is fashionable today. However, although it seems that everything revolves around the golden blonde, people have preferred to show appreciation for the artist selected by Taylor herself for her sporting moments, Drake, and is that the American artist has tripled the sales of his single thanks to the collaborative announcement between Taylor Swift and Apple.

On April 1, singer Taylor Swift uploaded a “video” to her Instagram account, which was more of an advertisement in which we can see her preparing for sports. To do this, he uses Apple Music, his preferred a priori streaming music service, and chooses the artist Drake as his motivational method of keeping fit. The success Jumpman Drake is partly due to this video, and it is that the huge number of Taylor followers on Instagram have wanted to emulate his idol in real life, so the sales of his song have increased up to 400% straining to the song between the successes of the month.

But he doesn't stay here, also the playlist Gymflow Apple Music has grown in audience up to 300% Due to the announcement. The advertising campaigns around the social networks of the most leading artists are often much more effective than any radio and television network from what we can see, recently it was known in Spain that a tweet by Cristiano Ronaldo could cost up to 200,000 Euros

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