The Mesh is a fantastic mental agility game

When Apple chooses an outstanding app not usually wrong, and in the case of The Mesh has not done. We are facing one of the most interesting games of recent times for something very simple: it combines in the same product a very successful aesthetic with addictive gameplay, which usually ensures good reviews and almost guaranteed success.

Simple playability

The operation of the game is simple: we must add or subtract tokens to reach the number indicated by the game. Those of the same color add and those of the opposite color subtract (if you double click on the card the color changes), all this is gradually complicated with special chips to multiply or divide, and without forgetting that two identical tiles disappear, something very important now Another objective is to leave the board empty.

If we do not leave the board clean we will see that in the next level they will be subtracted from our total count of available chips, which obviously will make it much more complicated to exceed the level. So you have to keep in mind not to go at full speed adding and subtracting, but we must plan the levels little by little to arrive at the best possible solution in order to achieve a long game.

Another interesting point of the game is in the Dark levels Basically we have the black screen and every time we press the screen will illuminate, but it will lower a countdown with the remaining light seconds. So in these levels memory and mental speed become keys to solving the puzzle.

Chinese inspiration

The original and curious touch of the game is put by the ancient chinese zodiac, since the developers of The Mesh have recreated twelve animals that are the ones that we must get to finish the game, which also concludes when we reach 200 points, something on the other hand very complicated.

It should be noted that the level of attention to detail He is very tall, taking care of every element of the game to the fullest. Maybe the animations at the time of playing are too exaggerated and it would be nice if they were softer, but it is something that one gets used to without problem.

As for the price, it seems more than fair. 1.99 Euros for a game without additional purchases, well thought out, correctly executed and with an aesthetic that meets perfectly. If you like mental skill games right now it is the game of the moment.

Our assessment

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The mesh

Creatiu Lab, SCP4.5

€ 2.29

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