The tables of the Apple Campus 2 will be "Pods" of 5.5m

The next headquarters of the block, the Apple Campus 2 It will arrive with a new design in practically all its points to be exactly what Tim Cook and company expect. This care for details will also be present inside the building, which includes the furniture. Design Milk recently visited the facilities and gave us information on some of the furniture inside: the tables.

The Apple Campus 2 will have 500 oak tables custom targets created for the occasion, each of them 5.5m long, 1.2m wide and 300kg in weight. The tables will be designed by the German company Arco and will consist of a skateboard-shaped one-piece table with rounded edges and a completely flat surface. How could it be otherwise, the Apple CD Jony Ive would have approved the design presented by Arco.

Apple Campus 2 will use custom tables

The closest approach in my head is a bare and huge wooden skateboard designed for a Jony Ive colossus. And if we combined the length of the 500 tables of the Apple Campus 2, the result would be approximately equal to the National Mall of Washinton, DC.

These extra long Arco Island Pod Tables are built by continuous Spessart white oak leaves that come from Germany's fairytale forests. There are no visible seams due to an innovative company technique that essentially polishes the continuous sheets of wood that are then attached to a table.

Apple's intention is to use the tables inside the open area of ​​“Pods” located on each floor of the main ring-shaped building. The form is designed to encourage “accidental mixing” among employees by providing an open workspace that “organizes people organically,” a concept that according to Desing Milk was born when Steve Jobs worked at Pixar.

When all the tables are finished, they will be sent together with another 300 tables and 200 benches to the Apple Campus 2. In order to put them in place, cranes and rolling platforms will be needed, something that is not surprising if we take into account that only the wood already weighs 300kg . Apple expects to have the new Campus ready by the end of 2016, but they won't start working there until early 2017.

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