This bug can leave your iPhone completely disabled!

A dangerous “trick” that can leave the network has just begun to circulate any iPhone (with 64 bit chip) completely unused, a trick that is based on changing the device date to January 1, 1970.

Performing this action will cause your iPhone not to reboot the next time you turn it off, leaving the device trapped in the logo of the apple that appears during startup and EYE, no possibility of being recovered from iTunes.

The problem is serious and seems to be related to the time zone, some users report that after a few hours the device has returned to itself and allowed it to boot, although its operation was extremely slow, however this has allowed them to reset the date for the iPhone to recover from abuse and not lose the data stored in the.

It seems that this bug is only present in it devices with a 64-bit architecture chip, this includes from the iPhone 5s onwards, the iPad Air onwards (including iPad Pro) and the sixth generation iPod Touch.

Apparently many users are going to take advantage of this bug to appear in an Apple Store and request a device change taking advantage of this leaving it unusable, this is something that Apple is going to take seriously since there is no way to solve this error once it has been executed and this can cost them to replace many iPhones for free claiming that It is a factory defect or that is not the fault of the user and thus getting rid of devices with broken screens or damaged components.

Then you have a explanatory video where the process is shown:

Surely this error will be fixed in the next few days or weeks in the form of a software update, perhaps this motivates Apple to hurry the development of iOS 9.3, surely we have some official statement in the next few hours.

From iPhone News we can only recommend one thing, and it is to protect the device well with a good password To prevent anyone with bad intentions from playing tricks on you, we also recommend make a backup of your devices for what may happen, in this way you make sure not to lose important data.

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