Tim Cook signs Xbox co-founder for Apple Arcade

Most likely, in the next Keynote of the Cupertino, with no specific date yet, Apple will announce its new gaming platform, Apple Arcade, and this week we learned that Tim Cook signs Xbox co-founder for Apple Arcade: Nat Brown.

This platform that is already very advanced in development, and that will be launched in autumn of this year, will have More than 100 new and exclusive games. To collaborate on it Apple has hired Brown, one of the creators of Xbox and former Valve engineer.

As Variety tells us, Brown shared the news on Twitter, announcing its new collaboration with Apple this week. He says: "I hope to continue working on my goals focusing on all graphics applications and working with all of you designing graphics for Apple systems ????".

After working at Microsoft collaborating in the design and development of the Xbox console, Brown has held several important positions in the technology industry, becoming vice president of technology at Myspace. Lately, I was working on the Valve virtual reality team.

Brown has always worked developing platforms and systems for video games. Without clearly specifying what your new role will be collaborating with Apple, it is not difficult to think that you will enter fully into the projects of Apple Arcade, ARKit, and possibly, in the development of the virtual reality glasses that are rumored could be launched in 2020.

He has also pointed out that will work on several Apple platforms, especially Apple Arcade and its new gaming service on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. He adds: “AR / VR games and push apps are very complicated. You have to design the platforms for these types of games very well, making them more powerful for all types of software. Often the development of systems for games, results in new UX concepts, new GPU chips, which in the end drive completely new solutions such as AI / ML ”.

Of course, it is a pleasant news that Brown-like professionals join the Apple team. Will we see a Counter-Strike for Apple TV? Molaría

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