Use your smartphone as its were Oculus Rift

On other occasions we have already told you about applications developed by Kinoni, such as KinoConsole, an application that allows you to play video games on your computer from your smartphone or your Apple TV 4, and Kinoni applications have been characterized by working very well and performing what they promise satisfactorily, although for this you have to Leaving a couple of euros on the road is worth it.

Well, following a similar principle, Kinoni thought … "If we can stream from a PC to an iPhone, why not duplicate that streaming and turn the iPhone into VR glasses?". Said and done, we present KinoVR.

KinoVR It is a free application that allows us to see in VR the video games that we are running on our PC (it can only be used with Windows), the operation is simple, a “Server” client is installed on our PC and the application acts as a client, the The program itself detects the games installed on the PC (which can also be added manually) and activates streaming so that the application can be connected from our iPhone (or Android device), the connection can be made via Wi-Fi (preferably 5GHz for a higher and lower interference bandwidth) or by cable connecting the lightning cable to our PC and turning off Wi-Fi on our iPhone.

Once everything is configured, we only have to open the application on our iPhone and then start a game on our PC, it will begin to broadcast and our iPhone will automatically connect, being able to play immersively to the selected video game.

And this program is not satisfied with streaming from the screen to our iPhone, but is able to process the “Head tracking"Or head tracking and interpret these movements in the game as if they were genuine Oculus Rift, and if that were not enough, the Windows program itself allows you to connect Bluetooth controls and" fake "or" emulate "which is a controller Xbox, allowing us to enjoy an even better experience.

Of course, the experience will be better the greater the screen resolution of our smartphone and more powerful be the GPU of our computer, and this requires an extra effort of the computer (and smartphone) that allows to obtain a very good experience, but in my case the latency has been so low that I have practically not noticed a difference, yes, The resolution of an iPhone 6s is not comparable to that of an iPhone 6s Plus or a Galaxy S7, the higher this is the better our experience.

The application It is free to download but the game time is limited (although I have not gotten to consume everything yet), to unlock it unlimitedly you have to do an in-app payment of € 999, which will be totally worth it and you will agree with me after trying it:

The program for Windows must be downloaded from the official website following this link, both the application and the program weigh very little for how well they work, although I recommend installing the OpenTrack Head Tracking Software system, an added program that will substantially improve head tracking which incorporates the basic application, which is practically the only thing I can reproach.

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