We present the robot addicted to iPhone games

Who has not been stuck at a Candy Crush or Bejeweled level on duty?, because this Japanese was of the opinion that it is not fair to not be able to pass the level that was due to lack of time, so he decided to solve his problems based on basic principles of robotics. His name is Junya Sakamoto and this robot manages to execute the necessary steps to be able to play on the iPhone thanks and get good scores. The robot works surprisingly well, although its practical application is not too innovative, we leave you the curious video of the day so you can appreciate how far human curiosity goes.

Sakamoto tells in the video how the robot developed and how it works, for this he has created his own YouTube channel, today it seems that you are nobody if you do not have your YouTube channel. In this video that we have selected, of only four minutes, you can see how the robot is connected to a laptop that is the one who analyzes and identifies the following movements, with the sole intention of continuing to advance in the game in order to reach the relevant score. This robot achieves combos, scores and movements that are hardly available to a human being with so little margin for error.

The robot is not only addicted to games, it also serves to take notes, play the piano from an application and other considerably "simple" tasks. There are more videos in which we can see how Sakamoto configures the robot so that it can execute certain voice commands, what would be the Siri of robotics. Very interesting as some privileged minds seek solutions to the problems of everyday life that others would not even think of. Be careful not to proliferate this type of robots, because it would be the end of companies like King Saga.

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