a special button to send GIFs

Twitter Inc. remains committed to improving its application. With the intention of drawing the attention of new or potential users, it is carrying out numerous tests. The first and most notable thing he added was to change the icon of favorite or FAV for the heart of Like or Like, something that did not leave anyone indifferent, with the majority of users who did not like the change. The last thing you are trying is a new button that will surely be very welcome.

How can you see in the following tweet, the new button It is between adding an image and the survey, this second is a novelty that does not take too much time between us. Although it is not yet clear how it will work, what we can know is that we can send moving images, better known for their extension, GIF, in a simpler way as we can do today. What would you think of the idea?

Twitter will allow us to send GIFs from your application


We did not have to wait long to see the first reactions of users. Shortly after the announcement, they began to appear tweets in which, in one way or another, this future function was welcomed. Then you have a few of those tweets:


If I have to be honest, I think it's a good idea. Right now, if I want to send a GIF quickly, I have to do it using Workflow, where I have one that allows me to search in giphy and tweet it later. Not that I complain, but it would always be much better if it could be done directly from the application. Although it will surely be available only in the official application, like the polls. Hopefully, they release the API and we can use the next function to send GIFs with third-party clients like Tweetbot. Let's hope so.

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