Amazon OFFICIALLY confirms the Kindle app for iPad

Amazon has announced, now officially, that although there is a version of Kindle for iPhone that works on the iPad, they adapt it to get all the juice to the iPad screen, developing a specific version for this device.

Many will think that it does not make much sense for Amazon to publish a Kindle application for the iPad considering that these are competing devices but in reality, it is a very smart move. Amazon knows that its business is not the sale of hardware, but the sale of books, and to achieve this, they will extend Kindle to all types of devices, including Apple's iPad.

Reading books can be continued at the point where it was left on any of these devices, or on the computer, automatically. You can start reading on a Kindle, continue reading on the iPhone, then continue with an iPad and return to the Kindle without missing a single line. Good for Amazon and smart initiatives like this. Now, the ball is on the roof of Apple since Kindle and its books are direct competition of iBooks; Given that Jobs even praised the Kindle during the presentation of the iPad, hopefully there will be no problem. In a few months we will leave doubts.