An iPhone can no longer be purchased by contract with AT&T

Until recently, most US operators relied on contracts to sell phones. In this way, they tied customers during the two years that the contract lasted, but the advantage that customers had was that they could buy less economical terminals, something that began to change in the last two years. The start of the change was thanks, in large part, to T-Mobile and now you can no longer buy an iPhone from AT&T by contract in an Apple Store.

Apple Store employees have been informed that the contract option with AT&T, which tied customers during the two years that the contract lasted, will no longer be an option for customers who want to purchase an iPhone in a physical store of Manzana. Instead, The only way to acquire an iPhone with that company will be AT&T Next, an installment payment plan from the Big Blue operator.

With Next, AT&T customers will pay monthly installments of the total price of the phone, but they will also have the option to renew it sooner than before There are three options with Next: in terms of 20, 24 or 30 months. Customers can decide to renew to a new phone after 12, 18 or 24 deadlines. For contracts already made, everything will continue as before (two years of contract).

These changes will also reach Verizon. Apple Stores will no longer allow you to use the "Edge Up" option either. With Edge Up, customers could upgrade before 24 months, being able to purchase a new device after only 18 months. From now on, the Apple Store will only offer the normal option, which means that it can only be renewed (with this option) every two years.

It is unknown if this new system of acquiring an iPhone will leave the United States. In countries such as Spain, the contracts only served (this is personal opinion) to be able to pay an expensive terminal if the money was not available at the time of acquiring the phone, so that a payment system in installments could benefit the users who They used to buy their iPhone by contract. The advantage of the system that will be used in the United States is that terms of the real value of the terminal are paid, not as it happened in certain contracts in which we paid much more than the real value of the device.

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