And so is your iPhone if you put boiling tar on top

Tar, that viscous and black element that has many utilities. We find it in tobacco, and most importantly, we find it in those dark roads through which vehicles pass daily, that is, they largely form the roads that allow us to move with our car or motorcycle through the city. This is just another example of the eagerness of certain "YouTubers" (modernly coined term) to destroy all kinds of electronic gadgets. And is that many will have thought (or not) what would happen if we spill a liter of tar burning on our brand new iPhone 6s. The result is perhaps not what we expected.

TechRax He is the destructive YouTube user with a peculiar philia for the creative destruction of technology devices, he decided to mix boiling tar and an iPhone 6s, and it seems fine. I think personally I would be unable to put a device through it, but there is no doubt that this type of videos generates a peculiar attraction that forces us to see it, perhaps because of the curiosity that causes us to see something that we would in no way do with our device. Something like the "gore" of technology. I leave the video for you to enjoy yourself.

Maybe the iPhone 6s that is subjected to this dark bathroom it is less damaged than we can think. We see how it immerses the front to later submerge the rear. When waiting for its cooling and subsequent withdrawal we see how the screen has melted inside, probably caused by high temperatures. Similarly, the buttons have been completely unusable, we also assume that due to high temperatures, the interior plastic components have melted and block their movement. Anyway, another alternative way to destroy an iPhone that adds to the list.

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