Angela Ahrendts says they treat Apple Store employees as executives

Since Angel Ahrendts became part of Apple's staff as head of the Apple Stores division, Leaving aside his position at Burberry as CEO, has had to travel to more than 40 different countries in just six months to check the operation of the stores in each country.

At least that is what he says in an interview he has given to the Fast Company publication about the two years he has been working in the company. Angela says she has always treated all employees as if they were an executive.

Angela from the beginning has tried to create a kind of family in every Apple Store, so that all employees, regardless of their position, feel valued equally, which is why they have achieved a higher rate of tension in terms of employees, reaching up to 81%. Every employee is a person is not a thing. We have to treat the staff we have working like any other person, with respect and serenity, always knowing how to listen.80

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You have to keep in mind that Store employees are the first impression customers receive They are going to buy their devices. The clients expect, as in any establishment, a pleasant treatment that allows to satisfy all the doubts that they have and also to find the necessary help to the problems that they may have with their products.

Angela, very true to Apple's philosophy He says that the people who are in the Apple Stores are there to change people's lives, stating that they not only sell products but also try to get involved in the social problems of the community around them.

A month before joining work, I told my husband something that I had not realized before: “Now I know why this is one of the most successful companies in the world: It is due to her strong culture and principles such as pride, protection and values. " The company was built on the basis to change people's lives. That service mentality, that unit to change things, is a fundamental value in this company. Tim Cook tells us that it is also our responsibility to leave it better than we found it. So here you have two incredible pillars and a culture created around that. The same happens in the retail division and in the offices of Cupertino.

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