Apple already offers iPhone SE cases confirming that they are compatible with the iPhone 5 / 5s

Who does not run … it's becaus it's flying. Since a few years, Apple has gotten fully into the field of cases for its devices. We are not going to discuss whether with what it costs each iPhone to put a case is the worst we can do aesthetically, but precisely for the value of the device, it is the best we can do.

Hours before starting the keynote, Apple closed the store to update it Once all the news had been presented. A few minutes after the end of the keynote, all new products were already available in the Apple Store online.

After the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple has also added two new leather cases compatible with this device, although at the moment only in two colors: Blue night and Black, at a price of 45 euros. Like the rest of cases made of leather, these covers offer us protection and quality that we can hardly find in other brands.

As we can read in the description:

Made with European tanned leather, these Apple cases are a gift for sight and touch. As they are custom made for the iPhone SE, your phone will remain incredibly thin even with the case on. The soft microfiber interior protects the finish of your iPhone. And the color of the exterior is not a mere superficial pigment, but permeates the entire skin.

In case anyone had any doubts about the dimensions of the new iPhone SE and its possible compatibility with the iPhone 5 and 5s models, in the compatibility section of the covers for the new four-inch iPhone, Apple says they are perfectly compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s.

It is interesting to know this information, since if we have any case stored in one of those models and we plan to get the new iPhone SE, we can use from the first day of these cases to keep our iPhone SE protected at all times.

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