Apple patents "panic mode" application for the Touch ID

Biometric sensors, such as Touch ID which recognizes us by fingerprints, they are increasingly in more devices. Apple, one of the first companies that managed to take successfully This technology to include it in the iPhone 5s in 2013, does not want its rivals to take the lead and today has announced a patent that would allow activate a "panic mode" making use of its fingerprint sensor.

The patent describes how a user could lock your iPhone using a specific finger that previously would have been configured as the finger that would activate this panic mode. For example, if we use the index finger, the iPhone would enter a mode that would allow access to the terminal, but not personal data. This may come in handy if someone forces us to unlock our iPhone, something that I don't see too much sense, but it doesn't stop there.

Another of the functions described by the patent that has been released today is that the panic mode activate the camera and microphone of the iPhone and transmit the video and audio received to “emergency companies,” who could use the information in the future and even notify a family member or friend informing them of the situation. They could also call the police, the fire department or an ambulance. Another use that these emergency companies could make would be to ask for help if we had an accident, which would send our position to the number of emergencies in each country.

In order not to leave any loose ends, the patent also includes the possibility of activating different panic modes using different fingers. With all the explained, for example, we would use the ring to unlock the iPhone protecting our sensitive information, the middle finger (or middle finger) to start recording, the index to warn that we have suffered an accident and the thumb would unlock The iPhone normally.

That a patent is filed does not mean that it will see the light, but I think it should be included in the iPhone of the future. And to complete the package, it would also be interesting if they added functions that we can find in Cydia, such as not allowing us to turn off the terminal if we don't enter our fingerprint.

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