Apple publishes funds for iOS promoting recycling

In the event that Apple held last Monday, March 21, we all expected the presentation of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and / or the iPhone SE, but we had to wait more than 20 minutes to see the first of the new devices. Before there was time to talk about numbers, as in all Apple Keynotes, about privacy and about recycling and clean energy. At that time we were introduced to Liam, a robot that is responsible for disassembling the iPhones that we sent to recycle them.

Soon after, Apple published some wallpapers in which it promotes clean energy and recycling. Of course, they are not wallpapers in which there is any written message that could affect the home screen of our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but they are backgrounds with simple drawings so that we can understand the message at At the same time we decorate our device with an image of bright colors.

Apple is committed to recycling

The first of the three (from left to right of the header image) is called “Nature in Us”(Nature in Us) and we can understand that the message is that nature is all of us and that is why we have to take care of it. The second one is called “Nature in Harmony”(Nature in Harmony) and her message seems to be that while we take care of nature, she thanks us. The third one is called “Nature in Balance”(Nature in Balance) and the message could be that there must be a balance between human beings and nature, so we should not overdo it in some fields so as not to break that balance and destroy the planet.

If I have to be honest, they are not wallpapers that I love, but the message is important. The funds are available on a special page that Apple has launched for the occasion and there are version for iPad, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

to download: Apple funds on clean energy and recycling.

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