Apple talks about workers rights in 2016 report

Apple has published its 2016 liability report with suppliers. The report, which has been published every year for a decade, describes how workers who make Apple products treat both the apple company and its suppliers, as well as detail the progress that Apple has made in the environmental area . The latter is something that they also talked about at an event on the 21st day in which they introduced us to Liam, a robot that disassembles the iPhones that we sent to recycle them.

In 2015, Apple performed 640 audits in your supply chain, which has covered 1.6 million workers in 25 countries. Of these 640 audits, 140 were performed for the first time. According to the company that runs Tim Cook, 97% of the workers in their supply chain meet the standard weekly hours (that will be there …), which means that most of the workers who are in charge of manufacturing / assembling Some Apple device has worked 60 or less hours a week.

In 2015, the fulfillment of working hours among our suppliers reached 97%, a virtually unprecedented number in our industry. Since 2008, more than 92 million people have participated in Apple's educational programs and over $ 25,600,000 have been paid in recruitment expenses to foreign workers hired by suppliers as a result of our efforts.

On the other hand, Apple also says that informed another 3 million workers about their rights and that they graduated more than 1,000 students through their program Supplier Employ Education and Development (SEED) with associated degrees and baccalaureate.

With so much positivism on the part of these reports, it is inevitable to think of other not-so-positive reports, such as one we published last January 19 in which it was claimed that there were children working to extract Cobalt from the mines, a material used to , for example, iPhone batteries. In any case, the version of Apple is that they cannot control everything related to their supply chain and that, if they detect any such case, their supplier has to pay the child the studies and, logically, take it out of the factory or mine in this case. In any case and according to the new report, 97% of workers are working what is fair.

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