Apple turns 40: 2006

And we have here the latest and most powerful delivery, the presentation of the iPhone, the presentation of the iPad, the arrival of the new Mac models. There are also moments of sensitivity, the death of Steve Jobs in 2011 takes on a special role in the history of Apple, however, Tim Cook has shown to live up to the circumstances, making Apple the most valuable company for three consecutive years. All this and much more we tell you in this latest installment of the saga that tells you the story of Apple.

Steve Jobs presents the Original iPhone

The all-in-one concept is born, the smartphone. The iPhone was presented to an exalted public in January 2007, Apple's growth was unstoppable and the iPhone would become the most popular smartphone in the market, ruling the SmartPhone era for ten years. Today, the iPhone is still the best selling device on the market and has catapulted Apple to be the most important company in the world (In addition, Apple introduced the first Apple TV, with the intention of creating the most popular multimedia center).

This device included the possibility of running applications, playing music, recording video, surfing the internet and many functions that until now were nothing more than an odyssey in the devices on the market. It even allowed to use Google Maps. In addition, Apple knew that the future of the smartphone was going through applications, that's why created the App Store, an app store supervised by Apple employees on July 10, 2008, the app store that has now become the most profitable in the world. We turn to the launching chronology of Apple iPhone devices

  • Original iPhone – January 2007
  • iPhone 3G – February 2008
  • iPhone 3GS – June 2009
  • iPhone 4 – June 2010 (birth of iOS)
  • Iphone 4s –
  • iPhone 5 – September 2012
  • iPhone 5S – September 2013
  • iPhone 5C – September 2013
  • iPhone 6 – September 2014
  • iPhone 6s – September 2015
  • iPhone SE – March 2016

With the arrival of the iPhone 4 came the birth of iOS, a mobile operating system that Apple has tried to refer to optimization and performance, since then it has undergone four major updates, going through many other minor updates, up to iOS 9.3.1, current system

Apple presents the iPad

Manzana presented the first tablet with mobile operating system on the market on January 27, 2010, a 9.7-inch multitouch device never seen before. With all the qualities that an iPhone had in huge dimensions, this allowed to consume content much more comfortably, in addition to significantly boosting the iBook Store, the Apple book store, since on a device of that size it made much more sense read books.

Thus, the iPad has been growing in performance but not in size, accompanied by all the news that we were seeing appear on the iPhone. They even varied in size, we saw the iPad Mini being born and later the iPad Pro (13 inches). Currently the iPad, imitating the iPhone, is the best selling tablet on the market.

The iMac and MacBook range continues to grow

Thus, the range of iMac continues to grow, since 2008 the intention is to minimize space, until it reaches the iMac we know today. Plastic models aside to unify in a really well designed screen and a unibody body. On the other hand, In 2008, Apple's laptop was the best selling model in the United States.

In October 2008, the first MacBook Pro, the first with Unibody aluminum cover, was also progressing in software until 2011 when it decided to stop manufacturing the original MacBook. The same 2008 Apple also presented the Macbook Air, an 11-inch model, extremely thin and that put the market upside down, once again Apple had done it again. In addition, the MacBook Air became the most environmentally friendly laptop.

The last knockout was in 2015, when Apple recovered the original MacBook, but this time also aluminum, a fanless laptop that also became the thinnest and lightest on the market, relieving the MacBook Air, but with a price that made the Air the cheapest in the range. Apple's professional range, the Mac Pro, was also renewed in 2013, with an extremely small design, similar to a small black wastebasket, another once again flaunting Jonathan Ive's potential.

2011: The death of Steve Jobs and the arrival of Tim Cook

The hero and villain of Apple said goodbye in 2011, born in Palo Alto in 1955 left us at 56. Cover of Time magazine back in 1982 and creator of the most popular company on the planet. Steve Jobs was a peculiar character, he didn't even have a salary, unlike the big executives he only charged $ 1 for his work at Apple, his benefits were the rent of his shares. If the company went well it would be tremendously rich, but if Apple went bad, he would fall too.

In 2011 before he died he resigned from his position as CEO of Apple to be replaced by his pupil Tim Cook. He fought against a pancreatic cancer diagnosed in 2003, however due to his Buddhist and vegetarian principles he refused to take medication to follow a diet of alternative medicine, a fact that led to a rapid death. Only two years before his death he made his last presentations, introducing iCloud the same day June 6. Until the day before his death, Jobs was working for Apple as a Counselor. Apple shares fell five percentage points automatically, however, Tim Cook has proven to be up to par. Rest in peace Steve.

Tim Cook era begins

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<p>And so on so far. Tim Cook has been CEO of the company since 2011, and despite the fact that many predicted once again the fall of Apple after the death of Jobs, Tim Cook has proven to be up to par, catapulting the company to be recognized as the most important of the world for the third consecutive year. From the hand of Tim Cook we have seen the birth of great products such as the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.</p>
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In addition, Apple acquired Beats to focus on music in May 2014, to move on to present your own music streaming service in June 2016, a musical service with 15 million subscribers which makes it the second most important. In addition, Apple TV has undergone a radical update, also in 2015. Meanwhile, Apple remains focused on many projects, after the presentation this month of the so-called iPhone SE, the most powerful 4-inch phone on the market, we know they are working in the development of an electric car as well as a television streaming service. With Tim Cook, the App Store has also found record numbers, making it the most fruitful app store for developers.

We cannot ignore that with the arrival of Tim Cook, Apple has become one of the most environmentally friendly companies, presenting annually renewal programs for products and clean energy. In addition, Tim Cook declared his homosexuality a few years ago, becoming a strong representative of the LGTB collective worldwide. Nor can we leave Tim Cook's interest in preserving our privacy behind, his resounding fight against the FBI for his refusal to include backdoors in iOS has captured the latest covers.

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