Apple wants to buy Imagination Technologies

Like many other large companies, Apple often acquires other companies to improve its own services and products. According to ArsTechnica, the next acquisition of the Cupertino company could be Imagination Technologíes, with whom Tim Cook and company have been negotiating for some time. Imagination Technologies is the one who designs the PowerVR GPUs included in the A9 and A9X processors that are included in any iPhone, modern iPod Touch or iPad. Apple uses the designs of this company from the A4 processor that were included in the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Rumors have circulated that Apple was planning to create your own mobile GPUs and the interest in acquiring Imagination Technologies that ArsTechnica talks about would confirm these rumors. Although Apple A-series chips already use customized or modified PowerVR GPUs, they mostly use a standard design. If Apple decided to acquire the company it plans to buy at the moment, the company that runs Tim Cook would design 100% of the GPU that their iOS devices would use.

Despite the recent information, Apple says it does not plan to make an offer to buy Imagination Tech. But they did have discussions with the company.

The purchase of Imagination Technologies would allow Apple to create its own GPUs, but …

If the purchase is made, the acquisition of Imagination Technologíes would be one of the most important that Apple has made in its history. He currently has a value of 850 million dollars, a value that has increased by 20% since Ars Technica has published an interest of the apple company to buy the company that designs GPUs for their mobile devices that Apple itself has hastened to deny. But no company likes to know their plans before carrying them out and Apple is not going to be less in this regard, you just have to remember when they bought Beats Electronics and the anger of the leaders of the Cupertino company to see that Dr Dre published a video celebrating the agreement.

By purchasing Imagination Technologies, Apple would control another important component of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and gain more independence with other companies. On the other hand, the A series processors are the ones that offer the best performance year after year and that is partly thanks to the control that the Cupertino company has both in its software and in its hardware. If they also designed their own GPUs, the performance of iOS devices would be even better. We'll see what happens finally, but the theory is too pretty. Will it be implemented?

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