Best iPhone SE cases

After a long time of rumors, the iPhone SE was officially presented on Monday, March 21. That day they finally confirmed all the rumors (or at least the last ones), such as its name, that it would have a 12MP camera, the A9 processor and would not have 3D Touch. Its design was also confirmed and that this is exactly the same as that of the iPhone 5s, reaching the covers of the 2013 model for the model presented in March 2016. Now it is time to talk about what the best iPhone SE cases What can we find.

Interesting iPhone SE cases

Apple iPhone SE Leather Case

Logically, in any list on cases that can dress well a device must be the officers. The Apple leather case It is not the most economical that we will find, but it fits like a glove (so much that it costs to take out the iPhone until we learn to take it off) to the iPhone SE and protects it while maintaining a good design, within what can be expected when putting a case to a device with a design as careful as that of the iPhone SE or iPhone 5s.

I think it's important to mention that leather covers can be stained or fade with everyday use and it seems that that is why Apple has only launched iPhone SE leather cases in two dark colors, black and dark blue. In past models, the red leather case, for example, ended up being black and it seems that Apple did not want to step on its fingers this time.

You can buy the official leather case for iPhone SE from the Apple Store On-line for price of € 45.

Urban Armor Gear Scout

If you are looking for a case that protect from behind and bevels, you must look at the Urban Armor Gear Scout. This case is very reminiscent of a bumper normal Apple, but only by the edges of the iPhone. In addition to the corners, it will also protect the back in a “real” way, and by this I mean that with this Urban Armor case we will completely cover the back. The bumpers Apple protect the edges at the same time as the front and back, but these parts protect them because of the excess cover they have. If we fall on a surface such as the edge of a table, it would hit the iPhone. This is something that would not happen with this case, at least from the back. It is available for a price of € 24.80.

Trident Kraken AMS

Do you want more protection? Well, maybe you are interested in Trident Kraken AMS. Of course, we must recognize that the design is a little worse than that of the Urban Armor. On the other hand, Trident's case is dust and scratch resistant, which can always come in handy, especially if we work or live near sand, for example. Its price is just over half that of the Urban Armor, staying in the € 14.40.

Otterbox Defender

We continue with the protective covers. If you seek even more protection, the Otterbox Defender It is very similar to Trident's, but it includes polycarbonate shell, screen protector, outer cover and a clamp, which will allow us to put the iPhone on a belt to have it always well accessible. This case is available for a price of 22.80 € At the time of writing these lines, which is a saving of more than 54%. If you are interested, hurry up, that the offer could expire at any time.

Luvvit Clearview

The problem with all previous cases, as with virtually all cases, is that the design of the iPhone goes to the badge. I am not in favor of using case, since we can only enjoy a 100% Apple experience if we use the device as it comes in the box, but this can be a danger that is not worth running. If we want to maintain at least the visual design (the touch will change), a good option may be a Silicone sheath as the CLEARVIEW LUVVITT. It is available for a price of € 8.99 and the design does not change much, so it is an option worth considering.

Griffin Survivor

Another case that protects the iPhone and transforms it completely is the Griffin Survivor. But sometimes, a drastic change may not be so bad. In the case of this case, the iPhone will look like anything but an iPhone SE, but that is also an option that may be valid. With the Griffin Survivor case we will have a device “prepared for battle” with a design that it imposes. Is shock resistant, scratches and dust.

Nodus Access

If you are looking for one Leather case, a good option are the covers of Nodus. The cover Nodus Access It has a very serious design, but that can be an interesting option if what you are looking for is just that, to give a good image. In that supposed case, it would not be worth using the previous case with those colors, right? It is available for a price of € 44.28.

What are your favorite covers?

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