Biographical summary of Steve Jobs in just 20 minutes

In this curious animation we can know everything, or at least the most important, about the life of Steve Jobs in just twenty minutes. It is a good time to catch up on the life of the Apple guru if you still do not know it, so we can get a slight idea of ​​what Steve was in the world of consumer technology for the launch in Spain of his biopic expected for the month of January of the year 2016. In this animation created by QuartSoft we can see the key moments in the life of Steve Jobs, as well as the passage through the companies in which he collaborated and those that he constituted in one way or another. This animated format allows us to imagine some of the moments in Steve Jobs' life that have never been filmed, focusing on Apple, NeXT and Pixar.

This is the animation that lasts almost twenty minutes and that you can enjoy, under the video we will leave you a small summary as an index about the moments of Steve Jobs's life that we can appreciate in the film.

– Steve's first days with his biological mother and father in San Francisco (1955) – Steve with his adoptive parents (1955) – The Jobs family changing from San Francisco to Mountain View, California (1961) – Steve's father is teaching how to work with electronics (1961) – Steve Jobs observes an HP 9100A – the first desktop computer in his life (1968) – Bill Fernandez introduces Steve to his partner Steve Wozniak (1971) – Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs using a "blue box" designed by Wozniak to call Vatican City (1972) – Steve Jobs enrolls in Reed College in Portland, Oregon (1972) – Steve leaves college (1973) – Steve attends a calligraphy course in the university (1973)– Steve's first work in Atari (1974) – Steve Jobs spiritual trip to India with his friend Daniel Kottke (1974) – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sell their stuff to get the money they needed to print Apple I circuit boards (1976)– Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computers (1976) – Jobs and Wozniak are presenting their computer to the Homebrew Computer Club (1976) – Steve Jobs talks to Paul Terrell about the possibility of selling Apple I kits in his computer store (1976) – Jobs and Wozniak negotiate the purchase of $ 15,000 in parts needed to meet the demand of the Byte Shop (1976) – The Apple Computer team assembles 50 computers for The Byte Shop in the garage of the Jobs family (1976) – Steve Jobs, delivering the first 50 Apple computers to Paul Terrell (1976)– Mike Markkula invests $ 92,000 in Apple (1977) – Steve Jobs presenting the Apple II in the first West Coast Computer Faire (1977) – Steve Jobs visiting Xerox PARC with a group of Apple engineers and executives, in exchange for 100,000 Apple shares (1979) – Jobs working with the Macintosh project team (1983) – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss Mac's graphical user interface and future cooperation between Apple and Microsoft (1983)– Jobs offers the position of Apple CEO to Pepsi-Cola President John Sculley (1983) – Launch of Macintosh (1984) – CEO John Scully dismisses Steve from Apple (1985)– Creation of NeXT Inc. (1985) – Negotiation of a collaboration agreement between Pixar and Disney (1991)– Developing Toy Story (1995) – Steve returns to Apple and becomes CEO (1997) – The peace pact between Apple and Microsoft and in exchange for 150 million Microsoft's investment in Apple (1997) – Work on the design of the iMac computer with Jony Ive (1997 ) – Steve Jobs presents the Apple iMac at the Flint Center auditorium in Cupertino (1998)– Steve Jobs, the presentation of iPod (2001) – Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (2003)– Steve Jobs, the iPhone presentation (2007) – Steve Jobs, the iPad presentation (2010)

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