Combine Vid is a simple utility to join videos

When uploading videos to certain social networks such as Instagram, we will encounter an unpleasant limitation: they cannot be put together several videos in a single climb. Fortunately this is the iPhone and the App Store, where for each problem we can find hundreds of alternative solutions, and one of them is Combine Vid.


The use of the application is tremendously simple And it has no mystery. We start from scratch with the possibility of making a new video from the application or choosing an existing one, and from there we can continue adding videos to the list. In this part it is a bit missing to be able to add multiple videos at once.

Once we have added all the sequences we can edit the video, And this application is not limited to joining the clips. It gives us the possibility to cut the duration, narrow the dimensions and even add music, being therefore the all-in-one we need to be able to leave the videos perfect before uploading them to social networks.

On the negative side it should be noted that the application uses compression about the videos he works with, so the final result is usually of a lower quality than what was captured. It is not decisive anyway if our goal is Instagram or Facebook, since both social platforms apply their own (and drastic) quality reductions.


Without being the application of the century or a technical marvel, the application goes through the middle level hoop that we must demand from any iPhone app that has more or less Some popularity. The color palette used is very small, leaving 95% of the elements in black, white or a very characteristic pink. This also makes navigation through the elements clear and fluid as there is a high contrast in the interface.

When we finish editing the video we have three options: save it to our reel for future use, upload it directly to Instagram or send it by email. Alternative options such as copying it to the clipboard or cloud services such as Dropbox are a bit less, but it is sufficient in any case.

The application can be download for free, but it has integrated purchases that we will have to pay if we want to use all of it, although they are not at all necessary for eventual use.

Our assessment

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Combine Vid – Combine and collect video clips in a film collage for Vine and Instagram

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