Complement Formula 1 one year more with the official app

For some seasons now Formula 1 offers a official application to follow the World Cup in the palm of our hand, and the reality is that the investment made is important because each year the app is more attractive, sadly the opposite of the competition it covers, but that is another matter and it is not our responsibility get to analyze the unfortunate decisions made in recent years.

Perhaps one of the most prominent parts of the application is the one that allows us to see what happens in real time and in the palm of our hand. This means that we will have a time monitor on the iPhone itself, being able to see the real position of each car and the times it is performing on the track, as well as the passage through sectors with the classic color code to identify them.

The live information It does not stop there, since for example we can see the wheels that each pilot carries, the stint they are currently in and the turns with that tire. On the other hand, if what worries us is not to find out about the incidents on the track, the app notifies us immediately when there is a flag and also gives a brief description of the problem (accident, track with oil, stopped car, etc).

More things

Before and after the race the application is also very useful, as it offers us the latest news and videos of all the teams and drivers, moments of previous seasons related to the current Grand Prix, statistical data of the races, the different classifications and of course a guide to get to know teams and riders.

If we want to extract all the juice from the application we have the option of enable F1 ACCESS, obtaining more information in real time (lap times, sector times, speed radar, etc.) as well as live audio comments, interactive maps and tire information also in real time.

The cost of the upgrade to F1 Access is 26.99 if we opt for the annual option (which I do not recommend because there is no F1 in a few months, unless you are very interested in the tests) or 2.99 per month, something that it is more reasonable being able to choose the months that interest us and even decide not to renew them those months that for example there is only one career or in which we cannot enjoy them for personal reasons.

And remember that if you are a Formula 1 fan, you can watch F1 online by taking advantage of live broadcast services from other countries or using any of the alternative methods that you will find in the link that we just left you.

Our assessment

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