Cowen thinks the iPhone use OLED screen in 2017

Rumors continue to ensure that 2017 will see the first iPhone with an OLED screen. The latest rumor comes to us from the firm Cowen and Company, of the analyst of the company Timothy Arcuri, who has spoken of the rumor that ensures that in 2017 an iPhone will arrive with a new design that will use an OLED screen of 5.8 inches. According to the analyst, this would help Apple to solve the "growth problems" and allow the Cupertino company to create iPhones with new forms, such as screens that reach the limits of the device.

Personally I see a problem in the prediction of Arcuri: in 2017 should arrive iPhone 7s and, if the forecasts are fulfilled, Apple would launch a device with a second-year design. It is not expected that the iPhone 7 that has to be presented in September has a very different form to that of the iPhone 6s, on the contrary, since the new device is expected to be practically the same as the previous model with slight changes, such as smaller thickness, Two speakers and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone port. But 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone …

2017 could be the year of arrival of an iPhone with OLED screen

In my opinion, in 2017 there are only two options with respect to OLED screens on an iPhone: the first, and in my opinion the most likely, is that an iPhone 7s that includes OLED screen with the same design as the iPhone 7 is launched This would be one of the points Apple would use to promote the new device underlining its lower consumption (when black backgrounds are used) and the most vivid colors. The second possible option is that in 2017 the “iPhone 8” or an “iPhone X” (for using a random name) that would celebrate the 10th anniversary of the apple smartphone using a groundbreaking design and the aforementioned OLED screen.

On the other hand, Arcuri also believes that iPhone sales will improve in September, but not enough to curb the drop in sales that Tim Cook has already talked about recently.

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