Disney Magic Kingdoms, your own Disney Land on the iPhone


Gameloft returned a few weeks ago to the load, this time from the hand of nothing more and nothing less than a great company like Disney. Many came up with creating this type of games based on the growth of cities, we have encountered The Simpsons Y Family Guy from the hand of Electronic Arts, but this time it was up to Disney, allied with Gameloft brings us this fantastic game in which we can create the amusement park of our dreams and on our iPhone. Play with Mickey, Minnie or Pluto among many other famous people in Disney history.

This is how Disney decides to sell us the fantastic game that has been developed with Gameloft.

WELCOME TO THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE IN THE MOBILE!Maleficent has cast an evil curse on the kingdom, depriving it of all its powerful magic. Can you help recover it? Relive the excitement of Disney Parks and create the park of your dreams in Disney Magic Kingdoms!

EXTRAORDINARY AND UNFORGETTABLE ATTRACTIONS• Lovely attractions like "" The world is a handkerchief "", the laugh room of Monsters SA and the space mountain, of Disney Parks around the world, including Disneyland, California Adventure, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris • New and dazzling attractions that you can only find in the game, such as the WALL-E house and the Cyclops Sushi, all inspired by the movies! • Relive magical moments of the Parks with lively and beautiful parades floats and fireworks.

CHARACTERS OF OVER 90 YEARS OF DISNEY• Share spectacular moments with such beloved characters as the always optimistic Mickey Mouse, the vivacious Princess Rapunzel, the brave guardian of the Buzz Lightyear space, the sweet and naughty Tinker Bell, and many more! • Hundreds of fantastic and fun missions that give life to every pixel of your kingdom! • Get memorable Disney items to rescue each character from the evil spell of Maleficent!

Come and join us in the most magical place on mobile!

The game is recommended for both adults and children, and imagine that children can enjoy creating their amusement park on the iPad, not to mention the largest, rechoing old times, especially the generation that has grown by the hand of The Lion King Y SA monsters, so hurry up, the game is totally free, although it includes integrated payments, something that Gameloft is very used to.

Disney theme for the whole family

Let's be very careful, we remind the elderly that this game includes integrated payments, so it can become more of a headache, so it is important to use the prevention measures that the game itself includes, parental control is the key in All this kind of dilemmas. Meanwhile We remind you that these in-app purchases reach the negligible amount of € 99, which could be more of a dislike, so let's walk with lead feet when it comes to allowing the little ones to play. Nor do we know for what purpose a children's game includes such transactions, knowing more than anything that many parents would be willing to acquire them for their children and this feature could be an impediment to their download, you know, prevention is better than care.

Meanwhile, we will enjoy the creation of our park while Maleficent makes it increasingly difficult, his spell has left our park without magic, and we have to try to make it as fun as possible for our clients and visitors. No doubt many will remember Theme Park at this point. Fully compatible as of iOS 8 and translated into a huge number of languages, Disney Magic Kingdoms It has been proposed to give us hours and hours of fun, we leave you the link below in case you want to give a chance to the Disney game that is sneaking into the top positions of the most downloaded applications in the App Store worldwide.

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