DLe, the app-dictionary of the SAR for the iPhone

We already know that the App Store is full of all kinds of applications, but there are some official entities of which it was surprising that they did not have an official application at the height, being the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) one of them. Fortunately, this has changed with DLe (Spanish Language Dictionary), the official RAE app for iPhone.

In the palm

The application puts at our reach The entire Spanish dictionary, which is useful, but obviously an application of the SAR has to offer something else, and so it is. That is why they have included the possibility of searching with some filters that are interesting such as anagrams, limited by the beginning / end of the word or as an exact word. This makes the use of the application more versatile, but also more enjoyable.

On the other hand, fans of the Spanish language have the possibility of obtaining definitions on random words, which gives the opportunity to know quickly different words and learn its exact meaning. It may seem like a trivial function, but there are many people who have a habit of learning a certain amount of words every day and this comes from pearls to energize the process.

Things to improve

While the operation is correct and the content perfect, there are details of the application that can clearly be improved. The most obvious is undoubtedly the design, which does not look in line with what Apple proposes Since three years ago. It is not an unfortunate design, but it does not look and besides it sins of having all the elements of a size too large, something that comes in handy to people with vision problems or elderly, but that could perfectly have been raised as an option ( as is the font size).

On the other hand, we miss three things: the possibility of consulting a history of searched words (if it is with iCloud synchronization between devices, better), easier to select text, and finally a function as simple as an alphabetical index of words in the style of a “lifelong dictionary” "

The application in any case It is very interesting, and is a start of the SAR on the iPhone without doubt successful. Now we just need not abandon the app as other official bodies do and improve it little by little to end up achieving a round application.

Our assessment

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