Earning Lightning that will arrive with the iPhone 7

(UPDATED): The original image (and the one at the end of the article) was edited with Photoshop. The image that heads the article is now from an unknown source.

I am convinced that this supposed leak will not make any grace to those who want Apple to maintain the 3.5mm port for the headphones. The image you have in this post comes to us, as usual, from China. As you can see, it shows EarPods that look the same as those that Tim Cook and company have included in the iPhone case since the iPhone 5 in 2012, but in reality they would be Earpods Lightning.

In a non-controversial move, Apple would remove the 3.5mm port and we could only listen to music via Lightning or with a Bluetooth headset, which would allow the iPhone 7 to be thinner (who asks for such thinness?) and include a second speaker that should significantly improve the sound. Logically, if they remove the 3.5mm port, they must include headphones compatible with the new configuration.

Lightning EarPods are filtered

Seeing the image is impossible to know if they have included any other improvement. Rumors circulate that Apple will include noise reduction, but most likely these headphones are a special model that will have to be purchased separately (for a price not low, of course). We might think that Apple has taken advantage of the fact that they had to create the Lightning EarPods to include internal improvements, but it seems that the only thing that has changed in this new model of headphones is that they have changed the 3.5mm connector for the Lightning.

The debate of the headphone port is again on the table. Many users think that Tim Cook and company are only looking sell us an adapter so we can use the headphones we already have. On the other hand, the sound industry thinks that the movement is not as bad as it seems: Headphone manufacturers will be forced to improve their devices, such as sound quality and wireless connections. I think I agree with both parties and I think it would be best if Apple included the connector in the iPhone 7 case, but I think that is something we will not see when the next iPhone is presented in September. What do you think?

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