Enjoy the videos of the keynote

Yesterday's keynote was much shorter than what Apple has used to us, it only lasted an hour. In that presentation Apple began, as usual, pasting a sales review, without specifying Apple Watch figures Of which he assured is the number 1 in sales worldwide in the market of smartwaches.

He also talked about the recycling of all the devices he manufactures as well as highlighting and showing us everything that can be done with an iPad Pro. In iPhone News we have informed you about all the novelties that were presented: the iPhone SE, the iPad Pro and the new nylon straps for the Apple Watch.

But during the presentation Apple offered us several videos where we could see different aspects of the company's work and operation methodology when designing its devices. In the keynote we could see several videos, but we are only going to highlight four, the four that caught the most attention.

The keynote began with the commemorative video of the company's 40th birthday, summarizing in 40 seconds the most important and relevant facts of Apple. That anniversary is celebrated on April 1st.

Green sells more. Recycling is essential to continue filling the world of electronic devices. Apple is one of the companies more committed to the environment and during the keynote he introduced us to Liam, the robot that is in charge of recycling all the components of the iPhone.

Another important point of the keynote was the Apple's collaboration in the medical field. Those of Cupertino have been collaborating with doctors and researchers for a long time to try to discover pathologies and try to help people with diseases such as Parkinson's every day.

To finish the keynote, there was no need for a new video on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, where the Cupertino showed again all functionalities which offers us in a smaller size but with the same features as the iPad Pro 12.9 inches.

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