Facebook Messenger will integrate with Apple Pay

The Facebook Messenger messaging platform wants to go further. Currently it allows us to even send money to our friends, however, the service is not expanding as it should. For this you will have to ally with other payment methods, and this is when Apple Pay comes into play. Facebook Messenger and its code hide references to Apple's payment platform, so it could soon give access to Apple Pay so that we exchange money with our friends in the fastest and easiest way possible. We don't know how far Mark Zuckerberg's social network is going, which now wants to even know our financial movements.

Filtration has been carried out by means The Information Recently, and comes to tell us that the Facebook Messenger code hides references to Apple Pay, this would allow Facebook Messenger users to pay directly in stores with the associated credit cards. It seems that the end of physical credit cards as a plastic element is getting closer. Facebook is working hard on this new functionality, however, they are not one hundred percent sure that it will succeed.

Meanwhile Apple Pay continues with its "pathetic" progress, a system that could easily be extended by almost everyone, advances at a snail's pace, in countries like Spain their references are little more than rumors and in the rest of Europe only It appears frugally in the United Kingdom. A real shame because the users of Spain have already been on the road for two years, in addition the iPhone SE, the latest Apple phone, comes with an NFC chip inside that will also allow you to use Apple Pay, but of course, At this rate we may be able to pay in Mercadona with our mobile when the iPhone does not even exist. Let's not lose hope, friends.

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