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Day One is a popular newspaper application, that is, daily. It seems that these old and cheesy customs also haunt us in the digital age, but in a much better way. Make the most of storing all your memories in the best way in Day One 2.0, in addition, the good thing is that The application regularly costs nothing more and nothing less than 4.99 euros, but thanks to the App Store application it becomes totally free and we want to show you how, in a few simple steps you can get hold of it and save it forever.

Apple does not cease its efforts to promote its application of the Apple Store, in fact, I sincerely doubt that half of the people who currently have it, had it if it were not for the fantastic offers of free applications that we usually show. You may like to write diaries more or less, but the application is extremely good, in fact we venture to say that it is the best in its kind, the reviews you receive in the App Store are fantastic, so users who have ventured to pay what it usually costs are extremely happy with the purchase. This application will be available through the App Store application until May 1 of this year, so it is a good opportunity to get it. We present the application:

We are delighted to present the new version of Day One. 2.0 is a new application built from scratch for an excellent writing experience:

What are the news ?:

– Multiple Photos per entry (up to 10 photos) .– Multiple Diaries (up to 10 with unique colors and names), – Day One Sync 2.0 (See for more details.) – Map View. – Reminders Customized. – Ticket Management (select, move, label and delete multiple entries at the same time). – Timeline filters. – Support of Time Zones. – 3D Touch. – Export of Backups.

Other features:

– Security Code Lock with Touch ID.– Automated Additional Information (location, weather, movement activity, step counter and music) .– Apple Watch App .– Search.– Tags and Highlights. – Export to PDF with smart filters .– Today Extension.– Share Extension.– Export as PDF and plain text.

I I always recommend downloading these applications while they are free For obvious reasons, now you may not need it or do not like it, but the good thing is that everything is stored in iCloud and maybe in a while you will find a good utility, or someone in your group “In Family” can take advantage of it. So, I would not miss the opportunity, especially since its usual price is quite high and it does not bother us to have it stored in our purchase history.

How to get Day One 2.0 for free

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The first and most obvious of the steps is that we take the Apple Store application, I always have it downloaded because it takes up very little and to save me this task when offers come up like this. If you don't have it yet, we'll leave you the link below.

To find the Day One 2.0 application completely free, we will enter the Apple Store application and navigate down, they will make us navigate a lot, so that we can see all the promotions on Apple items, within the same presentation screen. So we will continue until we see between “Featured Accessories” and “Apple Music” a text that reads as follows: Save and relive your best moments with enhanced features for the iPhone 6s, download Day One 2.0 for free.

Click on the link and it will open a small pop-up, where we can see the green subtitle that says "download for free", then press and will redirect us directly to the App Store, to the redeem codes section. Click on "redeem" in the upper right and automatically start downloading this fantastic application. We only have to wait until it is completely downloaded if we want to install it, or cancel the download if all we want to do is store it in our purchase history to be able to use it whenever we want, the discount is quite appetizing.

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