Happy Chick, the all-in-one emulator for iOS and Android

We are in luck, the emulation of consoles in our mobile devices is something that interests many and many, and it is that with a € 800 device we could already save a few hundred euros more being able to play console games like the Nintendo DS or the PSP in it, consoles that are obsolete today, which prevents manufacturers to stop making money for this.

But nevertheless after the arrival of iOS 9 and its various internal changes, the world of emulators received a blow, and not only did installation of applications outside the AppStore become more difficult but it seems that Apple touched a thing called JIT and emulators such as PPSSPP stopped working even having the jailbreak done.

However, this has changed stealthily, and is that emulators such as PPSSPP still do not work officially, sometimes the app does not load and if this load is closed when opening a game. On the other hand emulators like NDS4iOS have managed to work again in iOS 9, although they have needed the help of websites such as iEmulators to be installed without jailbreak giving new instructions to users (installation with profiles).

Among all of them a new application has been born that comes to claim all the lands under his reign, I speak of Happy chick, an application with an innocent name and an icon that is even more (a funny chicken), however from the moment you open it you see the enormous potential it has and as without seeing it come it has become the best and only option of emulation on iOS.

Happy Chick can be installed on devices without jailbreak (Of course, using a developer profile), once this is done by opening it we will see what could be called a “Game Store”, but instead of apps it presents a catalog of multi-language and multiplatform games, and we have available for free download from the classic GameBoy Pokémon, through the Nintendo DS games and even the PSP and Playstation 1 games.

All games can be downloaded quickly and directly in the same application, and once downloaded they can be executed on-site, even PSP, and this application makes use of parts of others (for example, for games PSP uses the PPSSPP system, although somehow they have managed to make it work without major problems in iOS 9 and without jailbreak).

How to install Happy Chick

Here is the process, and that is It is something different from what we usually know, since Happy Chick is in beta and we will be required to have an access code, which will be provided instantly and free of charge by the developer using an automated user in WeChat.

Step 1

Download Wechat and we registered (a very fast and simple process, similar to WhatsApp).

Step 2

We access this website and follow the instructions in images to add the user “xiaojigame” to WeChat and request a code.

Step 3

Once a response has been received, we will access a website where we can download the emulator, the profile that allows us to use it without jailbreak and see our activation code:

Step 1 and 2 of this website must be followed in order to download it (step 1) and allow its use without jailbreak (Step 2, which will involve accessing Settings, installing a profile and clicking on “Trust").

To copy the activation code, just keep it pressed and copy it, keep in mind that each code is personal and non-transferable, it cannot be used by more than one device:

Step 4

Now you just have to open the installed application and paste the code that we have previously copied, this will give us access to the games catalog and we can start playing the game we want as soon as it is downloaded.

Important information

It is worth mentioning several things, to start by saying that the application is in beta, something that may lead to occasional closing (which has not happened to me yet) or some other bug that needs to be resolved.

It is also important that when downloading the games you make sure that on the label below the weight in MB of the file put ESP or EU, this will imply that the game will be in Spanish or English at least, otherwise we may end up having a game in Japanese.

And finally say that the installation of unknown profiles run under your responsibility, and although I have not detected any anomalous system operation, it is true that installing a profile can pose a risk to the security and / or privacy of your device, and this can lead to the transmission of information about the device and its use to unauthorized servers until the installation of non-App Store applications without any problem, which can facilitate the entry of malware into our device.

These are only the worst cases, I insist, there should be no problem in making use of this profile, you can always revoke the trust and even remove it and all the applications that make some of it, and if malware were installed it would leave in the list of applications that include the profile under Settings / General / Profiles / ProfileX.

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