How much life does the Lightning connector have left?

Many will remember the day it was presented the iPhone 5 with its new connector, a decision that some of us had a hard time assimilating because of the large number of accessories we already had with the old 30-pin port. However, technology advances and it seemed necessary to make a decision as drastic as betting on a digital connector, reversible and that, a priori, was the eighth wonder in the connectors for mobile devices. That's how Lightning was born.

It is true that the connector Lightning is far superior to the microUSB, not in prices but in functionalities. Unfortunately, today there are still very few accessories that really take advantage of its features and those that do, are terribly expensive due to the Made for iPhone license. That license also existed with the 30-pin dock, however, the range of available accessories was much larger and cheaper.

Maybe the chip that incorporates Lightning and is responsible for ensuring the certificate of the accessory has something to do. Technology may have decided get rid of the cables definitely and bet on wireless either using WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC but in any case, Lightning is wasted and after the appearance of USB Type C, we may be ahead of an announced death.

It is now when many will think "the visionary of Apple has arrived, that someone hire this man please". No, I'm not visionary (although I would like to) but you have to surrender to the evidence and what Apple was looking for with the Lightning connector, now you can get it with the USB Type C, connector that already incorporates the new MacBook of 2015 and to which, the Cupertino company seems to have surrendered, even though that supposes sacrifice something as characteristic as MagSafe. This is what we can read from USB Type C on the Apple website:

Incredibly portable. And with a spectacular port.

Creating a laptop as thin and light as the new MacBook forced us to seek maximum efficiency in every detail, including the way you connect peripherals or plug it into the power. That is why we have collaborated in the development of a new universal standard that combines all the basic functions you need in one port. With the new USB-C port you can charge the laptop, transfer data via USB 3 to any tablet via peripherals and connect HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort devices. It is also reversible and occupies a third compared to the current USB.

Does it sound to you? This is a description very similar to what was once written about Lightning only in this case, the USB-C is even better.

Several years something is changing in Apple, I don't know if for better or worse, but I think that the Lightning port has two newscasts, long, but two. It may not be for the iPhone 6s but the transition to USB Type C is evident and it is more than likely that we will see it on future iOS devices. Today, there are still many rumors that the iPad Pro could come with USB C as well as other noteworthy developments.

The advantages for us are obvious and although now it is an unpopular connection, over time it will become cheaper and we can buy cables for very little money and best of all, we can use them for any other device. Will Apple definitely surrender to a universal connection? I bet so, you?

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