How to activate and use WhatsApp Web for iPhone, GUA

Today we allow ourselves the luxury of helping out all those who still do not know WhatsApp Web, the multiplatform WhatsApp client that takes advantage of our browser to always stay connected with our contacts through the most used instant messaging client, as we announced yesterday , WhatsApp already reaches 900 million active users. What better way to celebrate it than helping you stay more connected if possible?, do not miss this guide in which we will tell you the ins and outs of WhatsApp Web, we will solve your doubts and we will also help you get the most out of this WhatsApp function.

What is WhatsApp Web?

It depends on who you ask can answer that it is a fudge, or the new method that WhatsApp has been removed from the hat to allow us to use WhatsApp also from our PC or tablet. The result is a WhatsApp client synchronized with our device through the web browser and that allows us to chat with our contacts using the mobile device as a server. For this it is necessary that our device is fully available, since unlike Telegram, WhatsApp Web does not use a cloud connection to synchronize data, but the server will be our device.

This last detail is the one that has caused more controversy, in fact it is the reason that the version of WhatsApp Web for iOS was delayed.

Download WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is not "downloadable", that is, we will keep this possibility in quotes, since WhatsApp Web is a web browser based function, to use WhatsApp Web we simply have to enter the address “” where it will be shown the client and the instructions that we must follow to take advantage of this function. So, if you use PC or Linux runs away from possible WhatsApp programs and clients own, because mostly they are nothing more than viruses and malware that only intends to take advantage of your innocence to rob you.

However, in Mac OS X we have the possibility to download an independent WhatsApp Web client, called ChitChat or WhatsMac, a proprietary application, which will allow us to dispense with the browser to use WhatsApp Web, facilitating the procedure and granting us the freedom it gives us, then we will talk about it.

ChitChat, the WhatsApp Web application for Mac OS

This application is totally free, very easy to use and it has a support behind that gives you constant updates. I use this application since its inception and it shows good results, allowing us to save the battery consumed by the open browser to use WhatsApp Web, as well as the possibilities of an autonomous client, such as the Telegram application for Mac OS X.

In this article We talk in depth about ChitChat, and you can find the download links for make the most of WhatsApp Web from your Mac, faster and more comfortable impossible.

How to use WhatsApp Web

The procedure is quite simple, but we will still explain it as briefly as possible, for those who still have any doubt this step-by-step guide will allow you connect your iPhone's WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web so you can get all the performance from your keyboard, increasing your productivity and comfort.

  1. We activate WhatsApp Web, for this we go to the WhatsApp application on our iPhone, and in Settings (bottom right) we will see WhatsApp Web easily visible.
  2. We enter this section of settings and click on “scan QR code”After activating the switch.
  3. Now we go to the website “”Where the QR code will appear, for those who are going to use ChitChat (WhatsMac) they will also see the corresponding QR code.
  4. We scan the QR code shown to us and it will automatically synchronize our iPhone with WhatsApp Web.

Is WhatsApp Web safe?

We still do not have detailed information about it, no doubt in the first period of its launch there were many security problems that allowed for example to access the photographs of the conversations, however, It is as safe as any other similar method, today we can not find any messaging method that is considered totally safe, and we have no choice but to resign. However, this should not prevent your use, always in the usual security environment in which you should use any type of software.

Do you spend a lot of battery?

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It really entails a higher battery cost than that emanating from Telegram for example, since it does not use a synchronization in the cloud, but our iPhone is the server itself. However, do not expect a consumption similar to what you can do when you use WhatsApp normally from your iPhone. It is true that consumption is large, but not because that is literally the case, but because it should be much smaller, but the WhatsApp guys have decided to use this peculiar method to convert into WhatsApp multiplatform and we have no choice but to resign.

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