How to call with hidden number on iPhone

From the NSA scandals, users look more for our privacy. At a minimum, we care more about keeping our private data private. Sometimes we take measures, such as changing mail or internet search. Another of the measures we can take is hide our phone number so that only the contacts we want to see it (or to make the odd joke that I know someone will be thinking about right now).

If, for whatever reason, you are thinking of how to hide our phone number when you make a call From your iPhone, you have to know that, as in any other device to make calls, you can. Of course, depending on your operator will be done in one way or another, although there is a general that is valid for all.

But one thing must be taken into account: when we hide a call, we are not really hiding it at all, I explain: if we call our cousin Pepe or the corner bar, when we call them they will not be able to see who is calling him. But if we call, for example, the police, they can see what number you are calling. In addition, any hacker worth his salt can see our number, but this would already be an extreme case. Then you have What you need to know about hidden numbers.

How to hide the number on the iPhone

There are operators that facilitate the process more than others. With these operators, hiding our number is more intuitive, since it is only necessary to take a walk through the settings and find the option. If you are with any of these companies and do not want to look for the option yourself, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. We open the iPhone Settings.
  2. We enter Telephone.
  3. Next, we play in Show caller ID.
  4. We will only see a switch, lever or toogle. We deactivate it so that when we call you will see “hidden number” or “external call”. Of course, we must bear in mind that some services can see it.

But it is not always so easy. Or yes, but you have to know how to hide our number If our device does not offer us that option from the settings. To hide our number, let's do it from the device we do, we have to follow these steps:

  1. We open the phone application.
  2. We access the keyboard.
  3. Enter “# 31 #” without the quotes in front of the number we want to call. For example, if the number we want to call is 666777999, we would have to dial # 31 # 666777999 and tap the call icon.

The bad thing about enter it manually is that, unless we know it by heart, we will have to write it down somewhere. The most interesting thing would be to open the agenda, enter the contact form we want to call (if we have it saved), press and keep it in your number to copy it, open a note, put the code “# 31 #”, paste the number behind, copy everything and paste it into the hole where the numbers appear when we mark them.

Can you block a hidden number?

Yes, but with nuances. iOS includes from iOS 7 the possibility of block calls. This can come in handy for many situations, such as blocking someone with whom we no longer want to maintain any contact or blocking unsolicited advertising calls that, in most cases, only call to annoy. The problem with the iOS call blocker is that it is not complete, since it does not allow us to block calls with a hidden number. If we want to block this type of calls we will have to do it with third-party applications.

One of the most famous iOS applications to block hidden numbers is Call Bliss. We could say that Call bliss It is an application to put numbers on a blacklist so they can not call or send messages. The problem is that it is not a very cheap application but, like everything in life, it will be worth it if it meets what we are looking for.

But before buying any application, the best we can do is know if our operator offers us a service to block this type of calls. To do this, just visit our support website and find out if there is any service to block calls. If we don't find it on the web, we can call them and ask them if they offer the service. Of course, the most normal is that the service is not free, but has a monthly cost. The operators usually charge an extra cost on the invoice that will vary depending on the operator, but usually has a cost of € 1.

Logically, if we call the operator and they tell us that they offer the service for free, this should be the first option. If we call and tell us that your cost is € 1 monthly, we must bear in mind that in a year we will pay € 12, when the previous application will pay it once and, unless they remove it from the App Store and restore, we can use it forever.

What method do you prefer to use on your iPhone?

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