How to change the search engine that Safari uses on iPhone and iPad

Google is the most famous and used search engine in the world. No wonder, that is precisely why it is the default search engine for all computer equipment. In the case of Apple equipment, it costs Google about $ 12 billion a year. But the investment is worth it because of the more than1.4 billion active devices Apple has in the world (Among which are 900 million iPhone users).

What is clear is that Google is not the only search engine that exists. Others like Bing from Microsoft itself, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, offer similar services with different results to those of Google (whose veracity and neutrality are ultimately under question), which in addition to being able to consult via the web, we can also make it the default search engine for Safari on our Apple computers.

How to change the search engine that Safari uses on iPhone and iPad

Time required:1 minute.

Google is the default search engine in Safari for iPhone and iPad, but We can change it to the one we want by following these FOUR simple steps:

  1. IOS or iPadOS settings:

    We access the settings from the iPhone or iPad

  2. Safari section:

    We access the Safari settings on iOS or iPadOS.

  3. Search Section:

    Safari settings have a specific section to select the default search engine.

  4. We change the search engine:

    We change the predefined search engine from Safari to DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing or Yahoo.

With this simple method of FOUR steps, we can change the default search engine used by Safari on our Apple devices. Another system with which to customize and decide what is the search engine that we want to use in our equipment according to our preferences. Leaving once and for all the giant Google and its small spas, aside.