How to disable Mail contact suggestions on iPhone

There are many things that happen on your iPhone and that are supposed to make life easier for you that you don't like. It is true that when it comes to personalizing and unlocking it is best to have the jailbreak, but it is also not necessary if the right shortcuts are known to solve this problem. In this case we want to teach you disable email contact suggestions on iPhone.

If you are one of those just send the mail to more contacts than you really wanted to do because you move your fingers too fast and hurry on the send button, or it just bothers you to have these suggestions all the time because you always know who to send the emails to, you just have to follow some really simple steps to be able to disable them and finally forget of them forever without having to do anything else. Do you like the idea? Take note below!

Steps to disable email suggestions

You must follow the path Configuration> Mail, Contacts> Contacts in Mail. Once you change this last option of position on your keyboard you will see that automatically, and without having to do anything else the usual suggestions of mail disappear. Particularly, I recognize that they are practical, but it is also true that it can produce some very unpleasant errors by sending extra emails to people you did not want to do. Especially if you use the iPhone and the email account for work reasons, or in case your contacts are not too close and you do not want them to find out by mistake some of your emails I recommend you use it. But, or if you pay a little attention, the better leave the suggestions in active mail. Don't you think

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