IPhone 7s can use wireless remote charging

When we talk about wireless charging, some users are of the opinion that the induction load as we know it is not really wireless. Even more, we have less mobility, so it is preferable to use a cable that allows us to move the device rather than depend on a support that is completely fixed. Apple has not yet created any iPhone with induction charging and probably because it thinks the same. New information would confirm this.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a system of wireless charging that could arrive in 2017 or, what is the same, would be prepared for iPhone 7s. This technology, which is being developed together with other companies in the United States and Asia, would allow you to charge an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at a distance greater than that used in induction charging systems as we know them.

Can we use wireless charging on the iPhone 7s?

To me personally, 2017 seems too early for this type of technology to see the light. MIT was already working to charge batteries wirelessly and remotely, but its achievements only managed to charge the device 30cm away. That would be one of the obstacles Apple would face: a power loss in the distance that would cause the device to take longer to charge depending on where it was placed.

The 30cm that MIT has achieved would not contribute much to existing induction charging systems. In addition, the current charging cable measures one meter, so we would lose 70cm of mobility. But Apple already filed a patent in 2010 in which an iMac could be used to charge iOS devices to one meter away and, if they succeed, we would be using a real wireless charge. Of course, except surprise, the load would be much slower than via cable.

The first device that does not use a conventional cable to charge the company that runs Tim Cook was the Apple watch. In my opinion, it would have been nice to be able to charge the watch with a technology like the one described, which would allow us to sleep without having to take it off, but it is clear that we would still have to wait 3 years from the moment the clock was presented Apple smart. At this point, Apple had to choose between charging the watch via cable and gaining in mobility or an induction charging stand without adding a relatively large port that would affect the watch. I think the option chosen was the right one. In addition, novelties as interesting as this are usually introduced with the launch of a new iPhone and it seems that remote wireless charging could be one of the positive points of an iPhone that would be in the second year of its design. Do you think we will see this charge on the iPhone 7s?

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