Pacemaker turns your iPhone into a music mixer

The world of music is revolutionized these days with the expected arrival of Apple Music, but the music scene goes a long way and one of the applications that has surprised most in recent times has been Pacemaker, which also has support for the Apple Watch


Pacemaker bases all its success on a simple operation but efficient, since it presents us with a really simple interface to use through which even the most inexperienced will be able to create mixtures in a very short time. Equipped with a black background and large buttons to avoid mistakes at any time, the implementation of the circular controls that are modified by dragging is very intuitive for the purposes.

Once the party starts we have two options: leave Pacemaker Do the work by choosing songs and mixing them, or put us in DJ mode and manually do the mixing and effects. This is where it is most appreciated to have the payment add-ons to be able to use all the options of the app, but if what we are looking for is a simpler use with the free application we have enough.


The source of the music can be the one we have added in iTunes or also our Spotify lists if we are Premium subscribers. This means occupying almost the whole picture today, although it will be necessary to see if Pacemaker supports Apple Music in the near future. Other more common US services such as Rdio are not included at the moment.

As for the available effects we must distinguish between free (low, medium and high) and those of payment, among which we find fast functions such as Hi-Lo, the ChopChop, an interesting 8-Bit, the Reverb and some more that vary in price normally between 2 and 3 Euros, which It makes it even more interesting if it fits the complete pack of effects that does not exceed 10 Euros.

In short, this is a very well designed application (not in vain has been recognized by Apple in this regard), with an intuitive interface, which responds perfectly at all times and that will give a new air to our iTunes library or lists Spotify, so it is a excellent option If we are a little bored of listening to the same music or if we have a party where we want to play mixed and uninterrupted music with the indispensable guarantee that everything will go perfectly.

Our assessment

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Pacemaker – AI DJ app

Pacemaker Music AB4.5

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