Parrot announces the Bebop Drone 2, its new flagship drone.

Parrot has recently announced the new version of its commercial star drone, the Bebop 2. The Bebop de Parrot was the drone that took over from the famous AR.Drone of the same company, said drone marked a trend and was one of the most popular in this growing fashion of the sky watchers.

With the arrival of DJI and its Phantom model to the market, Parrot saw a hard blow coming to his limited and unprofessional drone “AR.Drone”, for that reason they decided to go one step further and rethink it again for the new market that It gave way.

The result of this was the Bebop Drone, a high-level drone, in the line between a toy and a professional drone, a high-performance device and a low cost, and to go even further from Parrot they devised the Sky controller, an accessory that allowed to control the drone using 2 joysticks, used an antenna to reach greater distance (up to 2 kilometers) and even allowed the connection of FPV glasses so that we could see firsthand everything that our drone saw from the skies .

The Bebop Drone included a 14 Mpx front camera able to record 1080p FullHD video with a 180º viewing angle and a sophisticated image stabilization system, mixing software and hardware got fantastic videos and photographs.

In short, a drone available to everyone that opened the doors to what only a few could do, and now with the Bebop 2 They go beyond.

Having the main attraction of this product, which is being able to be controlled from our smartphone with the application Free Flight 3, the Bebop family has always come to make things easy for us, thanks to its app and the Integrated GPS From the drone we can even enjoy flight plans where we mark where we want it to move and the pilot will take care of the route alone.

The Bebop Drone 2 has the same functions as its predecessor, however it focuses on improving a weak point of these devices, its autonomy, pass 15 to 25 minutes, almost half an hour of flight, and its speed has also been improved, now It is capable of reaching 60 km / h, no doubt a delight for lovers of speed and technology, a fast bird under our control, our eyes set on the skies, there will be nothing that escapes this new drone of the French firm that comes to recover the market with a breaker price of € 550, only € 50 more expensive than its predecessor, € 300 cheaper than its rivals (if you want the Sky Controller you will have to pay € 800 for the pack with drone included).

If you are as anxious as I am to mess with this new product, you can approach the temporary store in Barcelona where they can surely give you more information about it.

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