Sony bring PlayStation games to iOS and Android

Today we bring you information that, if confirmed, will be great news for all gamers, at least Asians. First it was Nintendo who announced that he would take his games to mobile devices, although the first, named Miitomo, is not what we all expected. Is now Sony who has announced that will launch games for iOS and Android in Japan and other countries in Asia, but most likely, depending on the host, it also reaches other markets.

Sony will create a new company on April 1 that will focus on bringing PlayStation games to mobile devices that will be called ForwardWorks. The first game, whose name has not been revealed, would arrive at the end of 2016 to Japan and other Asian countries, at which time the users of the rest of the world will have to start praying for things to go very well and decide to leave the Asian continent, something that I personally think is only a matter of time.

Sony will bring “full rights” games from PlayStation to mobile devices

What PlayStation games will land in the App Store? Well you can't know. Most likely, they are a type of game that has been very successful in Japan in recent years. If I had to say some of those that I think will arrive, I would bet everything because the best Final Fantasy that the hardware of the mobile devices can support will arrive, but I would be wrong: Sony ensures that the titles that will lead to mobile devices they will have "full rights", so it seems unlikely that they carry existing games on the PlayStation platform.

But if you want a hint of what will happen in the future, the Japanese company stop developing for PlayStation Vita, your portable console, to focus on creating games for iOS and Android. As I said before, it seems that it is only a matter of time before they start creating quality games and reaching all iOS and Android mobile devices around the world.

And what will happen with tvOS?

This is the one million question. When Apple released the 4th generation Apple TV With its own App Store, the first thing we thought about were the games. Now, six months after its launch, we have some interesting titles in our set-top box, such as Geometry Wars 3 or Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Recently, Microsoft said it would allow Xbox users to play with PlayStation and Sony seems to agree with this. Maybe Sony plans to leave their consoles and convert their content into cross platform. It seems a bit utopian, but it wouldn't be crazy. What leaves me with the fly behind the ear is the "full rights". Won't the best current games arrive? It would be a shame, but less is nothing. We will see what happens next year.

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