The FBI confirms that it has accessed the iPhone, withdraws from the case

According to the FBI spokesman, the security force has successfully unlocked the iPhone 5c owned by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks. Apple was completely refusing to collaborate with the Government of the United States of America with the intention that this unlocking work be carried out from Cupertino and included back doors. However, last week the FBI requested a recess in the case, everything indicated that they had somehow gained access to iOS devices, and have confirmed it today. The FBI has announced that it has succeeded in unlocking the iOS device.

They have not given more data to make us draw a conclusion from all this, in fact they have not talked about who has helped them, although yesterday we learned that this work was being done by an Israeli company. The FBI has simply limited itself to informing in the statement that "it has accessed the data stored on Farook's iPhone with ease and no longer requires Apple's help." Now that the FBI has the device data in its possession, it will withdraw the legal actions it has in progress against Apple. As for the information that iPhone stored, it is something we will probably never know.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has said that it remains a priority to ensure that the police can access digital information of any fear to protect national security and public safety. Meanwhile, it will continue to take advantage of all the options that this new mechanism offers them, relying on the creativity of both the public and private sectors. Apple meanwhile can already take the matter for granted, although we do not know until when, I doubt that it takes a long time to return to the load from the United States Government.

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