The FBI says it has managed to unlock the iPhone 5c

Today is the day, March 22, 2016, the day on which the Hearing scheduled by the Court to begin to process or settle the case between Apple and the FBI (the Government of the United States of America), the one that has been occupying our characters and with which I am bombarding you almost daily. Did you think there would be no FBI for being the hangover of the Keynote yesterday? Well, it's not going to be. However, suddenly the United States Government has requested the suspension of the Hearing, and this seems to be due to the fact that Finally, the FBI has managed to unlock the iPhone 5c that was so eager to unlock, which would paralyze the process.

The Department of Justice of the North American country has been the one who claims to have found a way to unlock the iPhone 5c. We put you back in the background, the FBI wants Apple to unlock an iPhone 5c that belongs to a terrorist involved in the tragic attacks of San Bernardino. Apple has flatly refused, but not only that, but has said that it is totally impossible for the company to unlock any device from iOS 8 due to the strong encryption they have.

But nevertheless, it seems that a third subject, whose name has not yet been revealed, has helped the FBI skip iOS security measures to end up unlocking the iPhone 5c of Syed Rizwan Farook. However, none of this has yet been officially confirmed and they are still testing whether this "unlawful" unlocking procedure reduces the storage capacities of the device, which could cause information loss.

We don't know if it will have been Mr. McAfee who finally taught them to unlock the device, since he said he could do it in just 30 minutes. While this serves to paralyze backdoor requests on iOS devices we will be satisfied and we will keep you informed.

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